Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Part Deux

Looks like we're on schedule for an on time departure (aka only 10 hours here)...let's. go.

This cocktail of drugs and chemo really knocks one out though gotta say. Been in and out of things all day. That rhymed, which is cool. The pain level sucks but hey, no pain no gain. Fighting diseases here.

After leaving I get a backpack filled with hydration fluids to be sure that I'm constantly getting all the stuff out of my system. Nothing like cruising down NYC avenues with a sweet ass backpack filled with IV fluids and wrapped in lines. Gotta look like some cartoon character....who is dressed in pajamas rather than badass villain clothing. There's also nothing like not sleeping. Two hour naps seem to be the best plan of action.

Can't wait until just hydration, no more chemo drugs, and getting home potentially Thursday afternoon. Even though that cruddy week sounds daunting, it's at home. The little things to look forward to are the most important in this I'd say.

Thanks everyone again for reaching out and being so great. The thoughts and prayers mean so much for the whole family. Until tomorrow...


  1. May I suggest a red cape to go with that backpack and pajamas, because you are a SUPERHERO!!!

  2. May I suggest you avoid airports and important security sites with that backpack. I would imagine the pack and "wires" and your terrorist profile might ingratiate you to Riker's....

  3. Love your outlook Nick! A good sense of humor is a powerful chemo chaser. Let's make the next vacation to where ever this background shot was taken. Love ya!!

  4. You are a warrior, Sir!! May I suggest some other things to store in that backpack? You are going to need some lotion and lip balm. Chemo makes you a little dry like jerkey, but I understand it's clears your skin up well! Another tip seems to be brush your teeth as often as you can, this will keep mouth sores at bay. None of the listerine with alcohol, though too intense for a sore mouth. If you can stand ginger, another tip is to use fresh ginger in everything, that'll help with the upset stomach. I hope this helps a bit. It's been a long time since I was a cheerleader, but the pom poms are back out for you, Nick. I'll have to skip the flips and stuff, or I'll break my neck, but I'm sending you my best. Which is kinda pathetic, but such as it is, I offer it up if only for entertainment value!

  5. the fact that you're still making me laugh is amazing... keep fighting the shit outta this thing Nick <3