Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012

Although I may have avoided the wrath of the chemo's nausea effects this time around, it appears I couldn't avoid the mouth sores or body temperature regulation effects. Aw shucks. Mouth sores make is difficult to open the mouth and chew things, body temperature puts everyone on high alert that it might creep up too high and land me back in the hospital due to infection. Livin' on the edge here folks!

In other news I have perhaps the longest fingernails known to man. Well not really because we've all seen this guy. I'll request a personal manicure from mother upon her return from work (though she'll read this before coming home and thanks in advance, mother).

Watching Katie attempt to find the most comfortable nap spot each day (and then pass out) is perhaps the highlight of my day. I may or may not find myself talking to her a bit too much, but I don't mind because she gives good facial expression responses, so I feel somewhat justified. She's kinda like a magic 8 ball, the responses are random and sometimes don't fit but hey, they're something. Woof.

Until later everyone.

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  1. Nick, my friend, have you tried a 50/50 peroxide and mild mouthwash rinse to help the mouthsores? There's also a product called Glyoxide that should help and you could pick it up at CVS or any drug store. Check with your docs or pharmacist first. Always sending lots of love and prayers your way!!

    Mama Fo