Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Chemo Round 2

Because I technically got my first of 7 chemo therapies as an inpatient, this technically constitutes round 2...which is awesome because who wants to do more chemo?

So I'm down here at Sloan Kettering and will be staying in the city through Thursday: Monday and Tuesday are chemo and hydration, Wednesday and Thursday are strictly hydration to get the chemo drugs through the systems.

This is what the schedule hopefully will be looking like:
12/3-12/9: Treatment Week
12/10-12/16: Feeling-Really-Crappy Week (blood counts drop, immune system is weak)
12/17-12/23: Recuperation Week (blood and immune system rebounds)
 Repeat 5 times.

Which means....maybe being able to see people before Christmas (if all goes to plan....)? We'll see, but I hope so.

Just looking at it, if everything goes perfectly according to plan, I don't get sick and my blood counts rebound like bosses - I could be done with chemo by early April. Let's pray for that.

Until later folks.