Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16, 2012

Back to the grind. Just gotta sit here and do my best to watch every second of NFL football possible. A struggle, yes, but someone's gotta do it. As always, let's go G-Men.

Real gross day outside today which makes for a fantastic atmosphere indoors: tree is lit, dim lighting on, real Christmas-y feel...would be even furthered if it were snowing. Can't have it all.

Today may just be cookie day. The mouth sores have decidedly retreated to the point where eating such may in fact be possible. massively awesome.

For all those curious: yes, Katie was indeed awake for maybe 25 whole minutes so far today (currently 10 AM). The laziest of mutts. The wonderful ladies of Boston College, and Boston College's VB team, sent said mutt her very own mini-volleyball. I feel like it's too good not to share. Enjoy world!


  1. Nick heading to Yonkers what looks good besides the G-MEN Hope to see you soon Motts

  2. Isn't everyday a cookie day !! Oops ! The Bugeya Family checking in on you & letting you know we're thinking of you...

  3. Hey Nick, The Simmons Family is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. All the Best!