Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

A tough day yesterday, following delays for some hydration issues (guess I never drank enough water and so when they want you to be super hydrated, well, that takes a while....like 4 hours). So chemo finally got cranking in the afternoon, and powered through the first day. They smiled wryly, knowing today and the next couple of days will be not so amiable to me. As a result I've loaded up on anti-nausea meds to try to circumvent any unnecessary extracurricular activities.

So day 2 of chemo two...cool. Continuing the drugs that will do their worst to melt away the tumors. Hydrating to make sure it passes through the systems. Repeating. Luckily I get a solid 2 weeks off after this.

I joked with Bigfoot on the elevator ride up about how they always say stay in school and don't do drugs.....oops. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Let's do it up folks! I think I'll try to add another post later this afternoon if I'm up to it. Stay tuned.

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