Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012 really pulling the tease maneuver with terrifying efficiency right now, telling me I'll be waking up to a White Christmas. Behave,, behave.

Sunday. Domingo. Foozball. Giants better figure it out.

Went down and saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with the family (minus mutt) yesterday. Wasn't as tall as I remember it historically being - perhaps a shorter version this year because all the tall ones were wiped out by Sandy? I digress. It was a nice time out - followed by an absolutely delicious dinner with none other than Aunt Kim. Always highly entertaining.

Still unsure what to do about this hair. Very interesting conundrum. It's like I've got a bunch of ultra stubborn Tienanmen Square guy-like single strands of hair just refusing to fall out. Really making that Toy Story baby head comparison less funny by the day...but still pretty funny.

G-Men better win. That is all. Until tomorrow.

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  1. Stay in still have more hair than I. Doctor z