Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012

Ah Sunday, you know what that means: Let's go Giants. Though I'm sure I'm about to be frustrated by another perplexing performance, I hold out strong hope for a victory.

Get this: no cookies yesterday. I know right? What is this delay nonsense? Well, Aunt Pat made cupcakes and, yeah, they were a much easier alternative to actually physically making said cookies ...and unbelievably delicious. Therefore, the delay is okay.

I've been waking up quite early, probably due to going to sleep earlier and just the struggles of sleeping with all the physical stuff going on. Waking up early does make one feel like he or she could be quite productive; I mean I crank out the blog nice and early and then have 14 hours to think about doing my schoolwork. Kidding! I've started no worries - gettin' that diploma. Plus, daytime TV...woof.

And so we enter into the medical isolation phase. Blood counts should be about ready to drop, and I've got to remain really careful to stay away from any kind of sickness - even the sniffles. Also have to be really careful about what I eat - frozen dinners on deck, Tombstone pizzas, and I'm thinking Pop-Tarts. Aw yeah.

Catch you later, folks.


  1. Hang in there!! Oh, and I love pop tarts too!!

  2. Nicky, it's Anthony Corona pal....I am so sorry for what's happend. I know we haven't spoken in a long time and I regret that this is the manner in which we speak again. I found out a few weeks ago but I didn't know if contacting you was appropriate or not. I'm here to tell you that I am here for you and will do my best to do whatever I can to assist you through this. Your going to beat this Nick, your will power and all of the prayers that are being thrown your way will guide you through this. Stay strong Nick and please say hello to the family for me. "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." -PHIL 4:13 P.S. The hair looks good bud, you should have went with that look with me in high school.