Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012

Ah the 22nd. Take that Mayans. Though I guess we all knew nothing was going to happen, especially since the Mayans didn't account for leap days.

I have more cookies and goodies here than I know what to do with. Thanks everybody for helping me out with the calorie intake! I really am just so soft nowadays, but the cookies are just too much to resist. Katie's been running the schnoz overtime trying to grab a sniff of all the goods on the table.

Had a great visit with a group of friends from school yesterday; just a solid bunch they are, and haven't seen them in a month and a half so it was quite swell to see them again. Wish I could see everyone again. In due time.

Feeling particularly tired today, probably because of the big day I had yesterday. Gotta rest up and get ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before heading in for chemo round 3 on Wednesday. Busy times, these holidays.

Time to get some schoolwork done. Really pushing deadlines nowadays. Yikes. Later everyone.

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