Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012

Finished with Financial Policy. One course down, two to go. Man that feels good.

Finished the M&M cookies. Multiple batches down, none to go. Man that feels awful.

Again, feeling pretty good today. Good enough to get up early and crank out finance projects. Haven't felt that good in 21.75 years...but actually I am doing pretty well. This has been a fantastic week on many fronts.


The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and asks, can you make me one with everything?

(Clearly I was unamused when Mom insisted on taking this picture, but it's actually too spot on not to share.)


  1. Nick yoiu look good at least you dont have to wear any JETS stuff like some of us

  2. You look good but it is cold out there. If you don't have a hat just borrow a toupee off your dad.

  3. Yesterday's post about Katie sounds like theguy i am dating including the post-gastronomic release of various forms of methane for which his scientific explanation is that they are "noble" gases. Stupid science teacher humor. Have u considered a career in journalism - u r a natch! Didn't know a fellow optimist was a country music fan, most think its just about cheating pickup truck driving drunk.... gotta get back to "family guy xmas story" lots of love n hugs, tricia of somers