Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

Slowly creeping our way to the 25th aren't we?

So I guess I can thank the steroids a bit for my seemingly youthful appearance nowadays - got quite a round face. It used to be people saying I looked older than I actually was - now I'm wearing around my Kennedy Catholic High School baseball jacket and have been asked multiple times how I like it there. Guess there's also chemo to blame for the hair loss. Chemo you are a cruel thing for taking away my beard and oh so gawwwgeous locks, among other reasons.

The docs have been kind - next round of chemo delayed until the 26th. Christmas is, unequivocally, mine. Also, rationing has begun on the M&M cookies: currently 3 left. These are lean times...a second batch may be in order after all. Unsure if I can do that to myself again. The M&M cookie diet has been...magical, but perhaps should be saved.

For those curious and concerned, I know she was not mentioned in the last blog post but indeed Katie lives, and sleeps. Highlight of yesterday had to be her waking herself up with a massive snore, then jumping up, looking around, and laying back down to continue the nap. Classic wondermutt.

Personally, I'm feeling pretty good. The pains seem to decrease with time but some come back with each chemo treatment. Guess it will be a standard cycle; we shall see.

Until later everyone.

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