Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

Thought the forecast called for 14,000 degrees and fireballs? Sure looks like the opposite to me.

Made the executive decision to pick up a new television for the family for Christmas. It's already been unveiled and installed by yours truly so there's no surprise lost here, no worries. I'd like to thank UBS (and the hours I put in) for this beauty, who has wi-fi built in and, get this, a Netflix button on the remote. ON THE REMOTE. If that's not a tell-tale sign of a Mayan Armageddon, I don't know what is.

Slept well last night. See these are the things you look forward to in my current state: sleep, food, TV...and hopefully good to superb versions of all the above. Gotta do some cleaning, been slacking hard on that front.

Katie is quite miffed today about the rain, and so am I, because she reeks of wet dog - mainly because she is a wet dog. Woof.

Busy day today. Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Can you believe that country bumpkin singing that crap won that $5 million prize on that show last night? Reminds me of a rental car with that lunatic driving playing that "my dog ate a mule deer" crap in SF! Glad you're getting some decent sleep and smelling wet dog for therapeutic purposes.
    I did enjoy that Tibetan look from an earlier post.....just don't order in Chinese food with it on.
    Nothing but love for you from all of us in Brody-land!

  2. Was he talking about me?Not nice. Especially after I walked with him inhaling that disgusting smoke from his Victory cigar.

  3. Smelling wet dog is better than smelling wet farts anyday!