Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012

I'm getting so soft it's nearly unfathomable. All I think about is food, but this is a good thing considering chemo requires calories for energy to fight this bad boy disease. Yee-haw. Still soft though.

As a result, I find myself researching what I can and can't eat nearly all the's going to get old sometime. It's got to. Maybe not? I'm making cookies today. Yeah, it's happening. Let's just let it happen folks, nothing to see here - what are you looking at? (M&M cookies FYI, recruiting mother for assistance.)

It's going to be some wonder how I'm not 200 pounds, but I guess as a result of all this hospital stay/ treatment stuff I've actually continued to shed pounds (my poor, poor tushion. Once so girthy and plentiful, now a mere shadow of it's former self....sigh). I've actually joked with my best friend about dropping below him in weight...and then actually did. Quite the shock, but the appetite is good so we'll see how that goes.

Quite tired these days, but going to do my best to get some schoolwork together to hand in. Gotta finish up this semester, get some courses together for next semester, and graduate on time darn it! Boston College is the absolute best; working with me to see if this is possible. Awesome people up there, but no shock - they've been amazing even before I was diagnosed. Love 'em.

Wish me luck, world!

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