Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012

Day 4...Let's get out of here!

Another night of hydration and lack of sleep...always fun. Then again, I'm not sure why I'm even remotely complaining because it's much, much better than the sleepless, painful nights that I was having pre-diagnosis. Hopefully this chemo is melting these tumors away...I've got good vibes people.

Also, which is quite lucky and I ask everyone to continue praying for such: nausea has been so far under control. The meds they're giving me are doing some good work it appears, and I haven't had to really ramp up the take-home "rescue" doses they've given me just in case. Could change, but REALLY hope it doesn't.

As a result of these less than sleep-filled nights, I have been hard to contact but I know you all understand. I'll try to get as much information out as people really want to know via this blog whenever possible.

The Plan:
1) Let's hydrate a little more.
2) Check the blood counts.
3) Schedule next appointments and giddy up on home.
4) Recovery.


  1. Such good news, thanks for these updates! We are praying, praying.
    Love YOU!!!

  2. hang in pal...Youre reserved for Saratoga next July.. Lobo OUT..You IN!

    Old Mina

    1. Can't wait to check out Calumet Farms North. Count me in.