Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012

A severe delay in today's blog post due to someeee fever that I still can't seem to shake. Bumped up to 105.1...don't act like you're not impressed. But it's actually not funny: a trip to Sloan this morning followed by that spike in temperature has landed me on the couch feeling quite terrible.

Hopefully the fever breaks otherwise I'm back down to Sloan and getting admitted. Really want to avoid that for as long as possible, but it appears at some point next week I'll be back in there. Obviously don't like it in there.

So what happened? Fighting an infection I must've picked up while at chemo. What infection? Don't know. Right now my white blood cell count is high: means that I'm fighting the infection but those counts are about to go down due to chemo; hence, my likely return to the hospital soon. Hopefully it gets beat by the antibiotics they gave me today. Fingers crossed, prayers said.

Until tomorrow everybody. Stay well!

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  1. Keep fighting, big guy! You can do it...!

    Hugs from the Fo's!!