Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Surprised even myself, didn't think I'd be in New York City for New Year's Eve but hey here I am!

So far, so good with the infection. Not nearly out of the woods just yet, but moving in the right direction. It's been a very tough 48 hours. Things certainly don't get too much better from here though with the whole second week after chemo coming up, but we'll power through it.

So in the past week I've been home for a mere day or so. This is simply no good. Katie must be struggling in my absence. Who is she talking to? Tilting her head at? Losing in staring contests to? (yeahhhhh she's always number two) These are my concerns.

And so I'm stuck in here for at least another night. Sigh. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. So happy to see your post. So, New Year's Eve in NYC, but not the optimum location. I'll be toasting you tonight when I'm tipping back margaritas with Grandma. Happy New Year Nick.

  2. Happy, happy New Year Nick. Keep powering forward. Mrs. V

  3. Happy New Year, Nick! We're pulling for you. Stay strong.

    The Fo's

  4. Happy New Year Nick...2013 is your year, stay strong ! As always thinking of you, The Bugeya's

  5. Happy New Year to you and the whole family. I'm hoping to read posts originating from lovely Putnam County not New York County very soon. (dangling particle, be damned)
    Ask a "real" doctor for permission but I'm told a shot of (quality) tequila helps with infection............

    - Doc