Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012

A late start today thanks to the lack of sleep I've been getting the past two days. Took a nice little nap here at Sloan, no small feat given the noise level here.

So far so good, gas pains have picked up a bit but I just remain waterlogged. So...much...fluids...I'm blown up! My face hasn't been this round since like age 4.

Hydrating today, very quiet in terms of actual medical news. Not feeling so great, bit of a stomachache which may or may not be the nausea they speak of possibly occurring that I had avoided so well for so long. Rats. I hope it doesn't progress! Hopefully out of here by this evening and continuing the last day of hydration at the homestead. Nothing like it.

And so wraps up chemo #3. Nearly halfway there!


  1. Git yer butt outta dere ASAP and back to that cozy, Norman Rockwell existence with those lovely lights and light snow scattered about. As for bloating, it'll subside. As for stomach ache, it will subside. As for the Giants, they will fail once more. Talk about discouraging!! :-)
    Your daily updates are great to read...not as much for style as for attitude. Love to see you kicking ass and staying as strong as ever.
    Lots of love!
    - Doc

  2. Now this is my fourth time trying to write to you.... I think I am pathetic!!! Well, I hope you are feeling a bit better today and you are relaxing at home watching Katie sleep. The hydration sounds awful, but I am sure you look adorable "well rounded".

    Really, the Beattys are thinking of you, especially this blogger challenged mother who is doing a poor job of representing her family!! Take care and may the New Year bring you good health.