Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

Battlin' the nausea bug. It's just enough to be annoying rather than gruesome so far, which is good. The docs have decided to be kind enough to consider giving me adult anti-nausea medications, which is really swell of their part given the fact that I'm bigger than most of them.

Chillin' down here at Sloany Ketts. The days don't get shorter that's for sure. Nevertheless, cranking through them. Already on my 3rd radiation treatment woohoo! Okay maybe it's too early to be counting those. Back to the original comment tho, kinda chilly down here. I would be situated right below a vent...

So what's the good word for today? Well, not feeling all too tired considering actually slept pretty well last night. Only up about every 3 hours...what a deal. These meds will continue to knock me out, which is good by me. I love me some sleep.

Here's to a great Wednesday folks. Later.


  1. Checking you out - every day and sending good vibes. Love ya Nick!

  2. Watch out for this year's storm of the "century"'s hoping it doesn't interfere with your scheduled therapies. As others here have said: always reading this, checking up on you and sending positive thoughts your way daily. Stay strong!
    - Doc