Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

Ah yes, past the Ides of February.

Unfortunately I was unable to keep the temp in check and landed back here, admitted, at Sloany Ketts. Since I'm neutropenic, I'm stuck here until my white blood cells come up to acceptable levels. Luckily, this should be soon, sometime around Saturday or Sunday.

Let's just talk about the men and women of Team Nicky Mo for a second or two. What a group: over $6,000 raised for the American Cancer Society. Just amazing stuff; making moves up the fundraising leaderboard. Thank you to all the donors out there and to the team members relaying tonight; it's truly an honor to have you all on my team. Like Team Nicky Mo in its fundraising efforts, we can't be stopped and won't be stopped in our fight against cancer.

Much love to all out there. Fight on.

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