Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013

Surprise - I'm ready for my close up. Today, I became a star. Apparently I'm such a cool patient, one of my docs asked me to be in a training video for him. Naturally we negotiated terms, conditions, and compensation. I feel I received the raw end of the deal, getting another 2 rounds of high dose chemo in return for my efforts. I think I'll fire my agent.

Counts are looking good, platelets need to come up a bit for chemo to start on Monday but everyone has the same feeling that they will indeed bounce back up by then. Really looking forward to it...

Had another wonderful day of enjoying all that this life as to offer around here, including getting some of my favorite grub, Chinese food, for dinner. Naturally, I selected the correct fortune cookie. Couldn't be any more accurate, and I'm sure you couldn't agree more.


  1. Nick, I'll be your agent....can't do worse! As for the fortune cookie strikes me as an incomplete sentence....the best WHAT? I'll leave that to your readers to decide. For me the answer is obvious....the best all around patient that you could have asked of yourself. Your healthy attitude, positive feelings and persistence in the face of any and all obstacles are something to be be applauded and respected. Remember that you have the love and support of lots of people so don't ever fear reaching out if you need to. If we're on this site, we love you!