Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

I'm starting to consider possibly throwing in some secretive or cryptic messages, or even something along the lines of "Hidden Mickeys" in the blog to jazz it up a bit. Maybe make it Dan Brown Da Vinci Code-esque. Maybe I'm deluding myself if I truly believe I have the talent/skill to pull off such a feat...or am I? Maybe that was the first clue...hmmmm? Maybe I'm losing my mind...hmmmmm? (This is highly likely.)

Grabbed some rays this morning, nooooo big deal. A little zap here and there and out the door I went - tired as could be. Makes for a great nap, let me tell you - hence this blog being quite late in the day. I'll be recommending it to folks rather than risking them going the Elvis route. "Lunesta? Nah, nahhhh, try some photons!"

Probably shouldn't promote that I guess. Though it could be all the rage. I'll deliberate. Hope everyone had good fun with the snow this weekend. Catch ya later.

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