Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

Radiating like it's nobody's business. But then again I always shine ;) ehhhh? ehhhh? K fine don't laugh. Immediately knocked out by this whole radiation scheme. Just like mush as I sit here on the couch. But a nap and a hearty lunch later, and I'll be in tip-top form (relatively speaking).

For those not in the vicinity of Boston, my Boston College Eagles hockey team captured the Beanpot (4-team tournament of Boston's college hockey teams) for the fourth consecutive year last night. Undefeated in the Nicky Mo Era some may say. Or none. Maybe just me. Pretty pumped about that, big fan.

Also, speaking of the great Boston College, there will be a Relay for Life event on campus to benefit the American Cancer Society this Friday, February 15th. My roommates and friends have formed an incredibly solid team, and impeccably named if I may say so myself, to raise money for the cause. If you would like to support us in the fight against cancer, you can find the information here. Every donation counts!!

Everyone don't get too crazy with your State of the Union drinking games tonight. Later folks.

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