Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Down and back from Sloany Ketts.

Made out like a the blood test and came back with good enough numbers not to need a transfusion. What a win.

Katie came over to the couch today at a point in the day where I was particularly dissatisfied with television. It's almost like she sensed it. I thought, naturally, that she was just trying to bogart her way onto the couch (as always); but not this time - she swept under my hand with her head and just stayed there, waiting for me to pet her. It was either a stroke of brilliance by a needy dog or the chick is losing her marbles. Needless to say she got the requested rubdown.

I think about this blog and my direction with it often, and I have to say this: it's wonderful that all the readers here are fully aware how much I adore Katie the Wondermutt. This is no new thing; Katie and I have been tight homies ever since I carried her sleepy self back on my lap from the puppy farm upstate in '99. My good friends up at school knew about me and the mutt, mainly due to the picture of Katie that was in each of my dorm rooms since freshman year; but now everybody knows about me and the mutt. And that's a good thing. She deserves some extra street cred.

A throwback of me and the Kater...she looks the same. I'm workin' on it.


  1. Good lookin' doggie....and Katie ain't bad either!

    Glad you crawled back from that "grittay cittay" and found your own couch,bed,fridge and mutt. Now get down to the biz of obliterating the nasty. You are doing great and kicking the sar to a coma. We are on your side!!!!

  2. You look pretty good to me!! Hope mom gave you the card; sorry it was late. Glad you made out like a "Bandit", no pun intended!! Love you and Katie. Prayers always. Mrs. V