Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28, 2013

A very boring day down at Sloany Ketts, which is real nice.

Hydrating like it's nobody's business. I think I slept 75% of the day in there, maybe more - catching up on all that lost sleep with this backpack hydration at night. Just really fun stuff. If all goes according to plan I might be able to skip town mid-afternoon tomorrow. That'd be real swell.

Hopefully I'll make it up to watch a little March Madness tonight, we'll see how long I can last before passing out. Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Well, Nick instead of soaking up some sun today you are soaking up some hydration, sponge-like we hope. Hoping you can "Spring" outta there before the sun sets since it's a beautiful day with some warm (relatively) healing sunshine pouring from the sky.
    You are a tough mofo and manage to keep that smile on your face (at least as can be seen through the electrons of this blog) wider than the bandwidth you use to convey it. Can't tell you how amazed I am and really pleased to see you diving headfirst into this entire process. The great progress you've made is directly correlated to the determination you're showing.
    Ok...ok....back to my usual's hoping Moo U. (yeah, that's what the U of M'ers used to call Michigan State) helps Coach K find his way home (and buy a vowel while he's at it).
    And of course you HAVE to be going crazy for that "who are they,again?" Florida Coast team. Geesh, the school is only 15 years old, same age as your Dad's toupee. So ,let's go MSU and FWCU. And Happy Easter too.

  2. Happy, happy Easter Nick. Spent the day at our son's house in P.V. Had a good time with everyone. Watching the Louisville/Duke Game now. Can't tell if it's football or basketball!! Quite a physical match-up. My hopes for doing well are gone also. Prayed extra hard this week. I lectored on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday so I had lots of time to pray for you. You'll get your card late but that's ok. I hope mom can find it on her desk. Baseball starts tomorrow so I'll be routing for the Yankees yet again. Take care and keep that fever at bay. Love you. Mrs. V.