Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013

Ah yes, another gawgeous day here in the Valley. Looks like temps may even creep into the 50s today and definitely by the weekend? Gross. It's January.

Couldn't help but feel some good karma would be heading my way given the abomination that was the past week with the whole fever/low blood pressure gig. Test results are back and showing that I'm reacting well to the chemo. The tumors that line the bones of my spinal column, thighs, and shoulders are all showing signs of shrinking. The inflammation/abnormality in my lung is gone; the tumor in my kidney that was kind enough to provide live cells to biopsy and finally diagnose this thing also took a train outta town - gone. Doctors think the one tumor that really caused the symptoms that sent me into the hospital in the first place would benefit from some radiation treatment - so we'll add that wrinkle to the 4 more cycles of chemotherapy and power on. The next 3 rounds of chemotherapy are a bit different than the last 3: they're 5 days long (Mon-Fri), and involve the use of different drugs. Hopefully I won't develop any new side effects...actually hopefully I'll drop off a couple of side effects from the last drugs and it'll be a bit easier! Round 4 starts on Monday.

Folks - we're moving in the right direction. Of course, it couldn't and wouldn't happen without the love, support, thoughts, and of course prayers that you all provide on a daily basis. I send my sincerest gratitude out to you all. Let's keep on keepin' on.


  1. Excellent, not the dearth of winter-like weather....the scan results! Nick, keep in mind this is a 15 round boxing match and you're now ahead on points after a couple of rounds. Keep jabbing, a bit of rope-a-dope, work the body and stay on your'll be ready to land that KO in the later rounds!
    Lots of love -

  2. Nick,

    Good to see you are always welcome around the team here. Like I said, hang tough, stay strong and good things will happen.

  3. Tears of joy and relief. Keep doing what you're doing. The positive mind set is contageous and it's a good thing to catch. XOXOX
    Much Love,

  4. Nick,

    It's been a long time! We were little kids the last time we spoke. Just wanted to let you know that my whole family and I are thinking about you. Hang in there and stay strong! I'll check in again later.

    Take care,
    Gina Aviles (one of your many, many second cousins)

  5. Great news, Nick! Let's keep the momentum!

    The Fo's