Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013

Daytime TV can be oh so cruel. The good news is the hospital doesn't get the Food Network, otherwise I'd be slaying people left and right for some tasty food. The bad news is it's still daytime TV.

The old man passed out like such a sissy girl last night; it was hilarious. Wish I had a picture. Curled up and maybe even had a little thumb in the mouth action...cannot confirm that one though. I'll check the security tapes.

Looks cold outside folks. I can easily tell this because there's no colony of doctor ants along the sidewalks at lunchtime on York Avenue like there would usually be should it be a halfway decent temperature outside. In fact, those sidewalks are looking pretty bare. But I must say, it's a nice view from this room. Lots of natural light which is a welcomed change for such an extended stay.

I'm gonna go take in the sweet aroma of the Asian food from my roommate's meal from the outside...later folks.

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  1. Now THAT was hillarious!!! Please take a pic next time. Could be worth some serious cash in the right hands!!! lolol