Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 2013

I don't know what's going on. I look over last night to see Mom curled up in the EXACT same position as her soft predecessor, Dad. It immediately reminded me of King Julien from Madagascar - "They're just.....a bunch.....of pansies." Sigh.

Hate when I have to get scans and such because then I can't eat or drink anything but water from midnight, no matter when the scan is scheduled for. Completely lame deal. Soooooo let's say the scan is at 7 PM...the entire day of food is lost. Lost I say. Ruined. Gone to meet it's maker. My scans are scheduled for 3 PM...wish me luck!

Just hanging out down here otherwise. Numbers are still bottomed out (expected) and so into the weekend we head. Good news is there's football to watch on both days, hooray! (Mom is particularly overjoyed...) Stay well everyone.

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  1. Nick my time you have scans scheduled you let them mofo's know to make it for early in the AM so you can have that nice slice of Sicilian pie at 1 and that juicy steak at 7.
    Here's hoping those scans show big time improvements at the tissue level while you keep showing improvements at the clinical level. Remember this is no time for battle fatigue! Oh, and regards and best wishes from El Tigre too.
    - Doc

    P.S. I suspect the shrink was a Jets fan. You know those folks only go INTO that specialty if they're depressed or seeking answers to larger questions. Hahahahaha.....