Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013

Home, finally. As of late last night, I am home. Deaccessed now (no needles) and avoiding the infection bug like the plague.

Back to bettin' horses and chilling with Katie the dog. These are the things that one lives for. Well, I guess I do at least...uh oh.

So this past chemo was quite the tough one, I must say. Five straight days of the stuff is...wooooof. Eventually towards the end of the week I battled nausea a bit but hopefully coming out of that cycle now. No good.

Who's ready for some hockey? Rangers tonight woooo. Great to have hockey back. So I'll just lay back and try to enjoy that tonight.

I'm really working my way to Charlie Villanueva status with some more hair loss. Almost there...see you later everyone.

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