Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

These pro bowls are getting insane with the scoring. It's practically the no-defense bowl. Tiger's playing like a boss, love to see that. As is my annual prediction, I've got him winning the Masters. Katie's very anti this prediction given her disdain for felines. We'll throw paws later (she's, of course, sleeping).

The snowfall is just excellent. Though it's only about an inch or so, still looks great. First time I got to see the snow fall at home this winter I believe; all the other times I was stuck in the hospital or the snow fell at night. It really looks great around here - very Norman Rockwell-eqsue.

 Got a little blood check tomorrow then chillin' out until a radiation simulation on Friday. Should be a niiiice, quiet week at the Modico Compound. Talk to ya later.


  1. Tiger is coming back strong...I'm with you on being a part of his fan club. When Tiger is at the top of his game, it's incredible to watch. Rory had his run, and I like friendly competition--but we all long for Woods v McElroy just like Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokavic

  2. Watching Tiger too and glad he's at the top of his game. It was a bit slippery driving home from school today but i made it. Maybe when it hits 50 on Wednesday you can enjoy it outside. Happy this is a good week. prayers every day. Mrs. V.