Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18, 2013

Alas, the final day of chemo round 4 hath arrived.

Toiling through this last day; it's been a long week! Treatments everyday, not sleeping well, and being removed from home is just a recipe for a rough one. Throw in some nausea side effects that past two days and, well, it hasn't been fun! Nevertheless, powered through and almost done now. Let's keep the infection bug away so I don't have to head back into the hospital, okay? Great good.

So after chemo and hydration today I head over to get tatted up by the radiation people. Things that we never thought would happen...Nicky Mo with tattoos. They don't really count though, little dots to make sure the machine is in the same spot each time I get zapped up with the rays. No artwork type deals here.

Also realized I've been more or less flashing the people that work in the offices across 67th street. To all of them I say, "You're welcome." Later everyone.

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  1. Wanted - office space, Manhattan East Side,cheeky views required, NTTAWWT.
    - M. Teo

    P.S. Tried to call and desk at hospital said you were not a patient there....checking with Irish admissions office.