Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

We're off to a great start.

The MRI came back completely clean and, so far, I won't be having to get shots twice a day 'til kingdom come. Hallelujah!

Yesterday's chemo went well, no hiccups which is just excellent. (Figurative hiccups that is, but also no literal hiccups.) May be a bit tougher as the week progresses, but hopefully not!

And so end my days of yelling "LANCE!" to every bicyclist we pass on the roads. These are sad, sad times, but even I don't have what it takes to accuse these professional exercisers of being dopes. I mean dopers. I mean steroid using cheaters. Sigh.

School started up at BC yesterday; I wish everyone there and elsewhere a great semester. Keep on keepin' on everyone.


  1. Is it possible to do a a question and answer or FAQ day? Should I be responding to your blogs or just reading them? I'm good either way. Wouldn't miss them for the world! Just interested in knowing the etiquette. Not really, but hey it might take your mind of the medical stuff for awhile. XOXOX
    p.s. are you able to stream movies in there? (more questions, I know - maybe you do need an FAQ section)

  2. YES!!!!! I'm soooo happy things are moving along without interruption. If Armstrong was as strong as you, he wouldn't have had to dope up...the dope! You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading your blog everyday! Know you are always in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!

  3. Great news,Nick! Happy that scan was clean. Won't be long before you're out on the Tour De Putnam again. As for PED's, personally I recommend PEZ.....truly tastier.
    Now sit back, enjoy the drips for the rest of the week and beat the crap out of those crossed chromosomes...

    - Doc

  4. YEAH!! Hope the rest of the week goes as well!
    Mama Fo

  5. Good for you. The little ones pray every day for better days. many prayer hugs are coming your way each and every day. Love, Mrs. V