Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013

I still have trouble writing 2013 for these blog titles. Every time I roll out 2012 and have to correct it. New Year's problems.

I wonder what having a positive visit to Sloan and walking out unscathed feels like. We were so darn close yesterday! Last stop was a test they forgot to order while I was in the hospital all last week...and of course something suspicious shows up on my mediport. Lucky me. Could explain the 105 fever though and also might explain not being able to get blood return that day a while back (and a few times since). We'll get it nice and checked out.

Nice front page article about Kennedy potentially moving to the CHSAA (for those who don't know, the Catholic HS Athletic Association) in the paper this morning. I'm all for it; it's about time. It'll be interesting to see how they perform there.

Gearing up for a nice weekend here before round 4 commences Monday. I'm currently watching Katie snooze and maybe will be joining her in a bit - gotta get all the sleep I can now because I won't get any next week of course. Maybe I'll even play some Wii today (Wii Golf, of course) out world. I'm lethal with a virtual 3-iron.

Later everyone.

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