Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

I walk into the A&P to grab the old man a six-pack of brews, and also to see if they'll question whether or not it's actually my license, and I really believe the lady thought I was handing her a fake ID. Just smirked at me. Nevertheless got the booze SCORE. Then again she couldn't deny the matching hospital bracelet. So ha.

Chemo-ing out like it's nobody's business. The taste in the mouth and resulting nausea seems to be from the IV drip version of the med that I'm getting, so looks like I'm in for two weeks of three of that fun until about 2014. Disappointing. Whatever, I choose life soooo I'll just deal with it.

Most importantly: it's Kentucky Derby week. And honestly who knows which is the better race this year, the Derby or the Oaks? One thing is for sure: a great two days of racing. My favorite kind of weekend. Right after a two week stretch of cheeming out. Totally what the doctor ordered.

Hope everyone gets out and puts at least a $2 wager on one of the ponies this fine first Saturday in May. Make it interesting, you know? Have a little skin in the game for the most exciting two minutes in sports. Just a suggestion, though...later all!


  1. Revolutionary

    There's your triple,sir. Thank me at your convenience. (Need a great break out of the gate for Vyjack to be in that mix.)

    Sorry that this maintenance is as tough as it sounds but it sure as hell beats the alternative.

  2. I would like a 10 cent superfecta 2,3,4,6,9,13,15 with 2,3,4,6,9,13,15 with 2,3,4,6,9,13,15 with 8. I love the 8 horse. He can't win or come in 2nd or 3rd but I love the 8 horse. Can only get 4th.

  3. Nick,
    Just read the great news! (I was in Seattle for a long weekend and I'm just catching up on all my email, etc.) I am so happy for you! My Religious Ed class is going to be delighted to hear the news; there's one girl in particular who makes sure your name is mentioned each week in their petitions. Sorry to hear the maintenance is such an awful ordeal - I will definitely keep up the prayers.

    Enjoy the Derby!

    Mrs. E

  4. LOVE YA BUD!!!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Keep fighting Nicky Mo! I'll wrap up a newspaper and be emulating your father yelling at the TV as best as I can...