Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

Three days deep into the new chemo, and it's been relatively interesting so far.

Lots of moving parts with this chemo: when to take certain pills, when to eat as a result, when to get infused with the chemo down at the Ketts. Trying to work out my own little schedule to make it all happen, and so far so good.

As far as the chemo itself goes - not too bad. Fatiguing more than anything, really. Come home after the early morning chemo session and grab a nice little power nap, then try to get on with my day. It works out fairly well. Really trying to crank out this schoolwork before grades must be in. Determination factor is definitely there. Took a solid nap today and went on to finish and send in two papers. Another big nap tomorrow and perhaps I'll be conquering out.

Hope everyone's enjoying this true spring weather - not too cold, not too hot, really refreshing. Catch you all soon.

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  1. At the risk of repeating myself too often good luck with this round. Glad the first few days have been tolerated well and here's hoping you can continue to handle it while it's working at the cellular level to "get dirrrrrty".
    I'm guessing you don't have too much work remaining to complete the course credits for the degree and a trip to Boston to have a diploma handed to you would be a great accomplishment. Another would be to find out that the spot on the scan is vulnerable (or, better yet, an artifact) to the therapy and waiting to be erased! The Brodys love you and are praying for the day you let us know those cells have been erased.