Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Got stuck at the Sloany Ketts all day Friday. Blood counts were quite low, needed to get a boost. Shout out to the donors, keepin' me goin' nowadays.

It's a bit weird to think about it that way, but it's largely true - I'm currently running on someone else's blood. Creepy. But hey, if it works, it works, right? So after that little recharging yesterday, I'm feeling pretty good today. Mouth sores need to get lost; have a feeling they will relatively soon. Once they're gone, I know I'm out of neutropenia. That will be an excellent moment.

Some day of ponies today. The Wood Memorial and Santa Anita Derby both ran, major preparatory races for the big boy, the Kentucky Derby. Wasn't as impressed with the Wood winner as much as the SA Derby winner, who it needs to be noted is partially owned by Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals. Guess he won't need to travel too far to watch his horse run on the first Saturday in May. Highly entertaining races though, should be a great build-up to the Run for the Roses. Lovin' it.

Final Four, some hockey, and then sleep. Really getting after it. Catch you later.

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  1. Hey Nick, your cousin Caitlin's friend Nicole passed this blog my way. I've spent the last month reading your old posts and keeping up with your new ones. And I have a few comments to share:
    1. I love what you're doing with this blog. Cheers to you for updating it so frequently!
    2. After seeing your blog post shout-out to "Just Wanna Rock N' Roll," I promptly downloaded the song and it's been one of my new jams. You've been in my thoughts and prayers, but you've been getting an extra prayer whenever I listen to this song (like right now).
    3. Full disclosure: I'm a Notre Dame alum. Hopefully we can still be on friendly terms despite this potential set-back. As an olive branch, I share this 2007 YouTube gem. I think you'll enjoy what's always been my personal favorite part at :51 seconds in:
    Peace, Brandy