Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013

Unreal couple of weather days we've been lucky enough to have here in the Northeast. Got outside, watched some baseball and broke out the pitching wedge for the first time this spring. After all, it's Masters week.

There's something incredibly right about ending the extremely harsh lifestyle that has been "Chemo, Drop, and Pop" with the blood counts and such right around the springtime. A true revitalization of sorts. Really hoping for a couple of things coming up: the scans look swell and the maintenance chemo doesn't mess with me too bad. That'd be great. I'm all about trying to get out and enjoy this spring/summer after being stuck and feeling miserable this winter. I'm sure I'll find a way regardless.

Katie and I have been chilling like homies. She doesn't like hanging out outside as much as she used to. Which is ironic, because she used to be allergic to trees and grass (some mutt), but now that she's seemingly over it, she's just all about getting back inside and snoozing.  Unbelievable. She wouldn't even caddy for me today...the nerve.

Can't wait for the Masters to start tomorrow. Always look forward to this week every year. I'll be watching intently...let's go Tiger. Later all.


  1. Enjoy the weather, the sports and think remission! Love ya!!

    The Fo's

  2. Nick,

    We never met, but I am a Jasper buddy of your dad. Been reading your blog again and commend you for sharing your thoughts and the strength you have to deal with this. I am sure your dad is very proud of you.

    I donate blood often and was just asked to donate platelets. Please have dad let me know if I can donate some and designate them your way. Would be more than happy to - quality stuff you know!

    Hang in there and I am sure all will be fine soon. Even if no platelets, prayers certainly coming your way.

    PS: hope to see you at a Giants or VA Tech game (my son is a recent grad) and I can share some "educational" tales of your dad from college. Maybe you have heard 1 or 2 already?

    Best regards,

    Gary Smith, PE
    Manhattan College BSCE '77
    973-479-6071 cell