Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Here we go: the Fourth of July. Every true American patriot's favorite day of the year.

How will I celebrate you ask? Well what better way than to grill out, bet horses, Kan Jam, play a round at Modico Country Club, and maybe even get some swimming and pool basketball in (yes, I've made arrangements to get the needle out a day early and back in for chemo Friday. The 4th is that important.).

Got a nice set of golf clubs delivered - what a deal I got on them too, over 50% off! Steal city baby! Out with the starter set, in with the suave set. Can't be stopped. Won't be stopped. I'm practically a scratch golfer now - who are we kidding my handicap is astronomical but still only one way to get more. And that I shall do.

Don't look now boys and girls, but my Pirates are playing a little ball. It's barely the halfway point but listen - I'm still excited. Great pitching. What would you Yankees and Mets fans know about that? (I'll grant you Harvey...but no one else.) Let's go Bucs.

Off to plan my next move...Disney World trip. Happiest place on Earth. Fact. Later everyone!

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  1. Happy 4th to the whole clan! (was going to make a golf reference and fellow bad pun by saying ...the "hole" clan...but decided better of it)

    Needle out and the Nicky will play. Nice words to read. As for scratch golfing, stick to Wii but still, always nice to read you're out there sweating your ass off like the rest of us. Oh, forgot...swimming pool. Well, NOT like the rest of us then!

    Gotta say the shindig at the track was something special. Truly made me smile to see all that love and support pouring out just like bucks from my pocket as every name I liked in the program was destined for the local supermarket pet food shelf. On the other hand, my better ( "bettor" said NO) half tread a nice path to the "Ticket Cashing" window.

    Take all your winnings and enjoy Space Mountain, Dumbo and all the rest the land of make-believe has to offer. Keep the faith, stay strong, play your butt off and never forget you will not be alone along the way!