Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

Back from the hiatus. The first week sans mutt has been undoubtedly tough, and this was of course expected. It's safe to say she made this house a home.

So we power on, into this nice non-chemo week. It's a bit hot but I'll be on the links. Gotta make the most of the summer and these weeks off, right? Only had 2 hole-in-ones at the Modico Country Club yesterday, I guess that's alright. You know, whatever.

Went in for some scans on Monday. Cranked through pretty much every type of scan available at Sloan, minus the bone scan. That one's apparently not as much fun as the PET, CT, and MRI - so I left it off my schedule of events. Hopefully all the results come back swell.

On to the golf course I go. Keep cool everybody.

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