Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013 the compound....I think it was the 27th of Julyyyy. Best Chicago rendition I got folks. Just appreciate it, okay?

What goes on, you ask? Cheeeeeemo week one almost in the books. Got delayed on my pill-taking adventure due to UPS's lack of concern for my pills arriving on time...okay it was partially my fault as well for not refilling them in time BUT come on I need my pills UPS let's get with it. As a result, I think the one day delay has wreaked a bit of havoc on my stomach for not being on its usual schedule.

Bah, say I. Merely one more week of the wonderful cheeming and I'm home-free for a solid TWO weeks. And then what? Well, what else would one have Nicky Mo do in his weeks off other than golf, visit Saratoga, and oh yeah kick Mickey's tail down in Orlando?? Can't think of anything else either. Oh wait, maybe eat everything in sight and blame it on the steroids. Boom.

To say I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks off is, of course, a severe understatement; but it's nice to have it to look forward to though during this tougher chemo week. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a solid start to the week coming up.

I might be back later to post a little picture I found so stay tuned...

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