Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

Delayed this blog post a bit to ensure accuracy of information coming in. Would hate to give anyone false hope out there, you know? Good news - Nicky Mo is going to Commencement. After discussions amongst the entire team down at Sloan, I've been told it's a risk worth taking - just be ultra-careful, Purell like you have OCD, grab that diploma and skedaddle. I can work with that.

For those curious, the Modico Country Club is freshly manicured. Yes, my game tailed off with the jungle-like fairway conditions earlier this week. I've bounced back to form though, naturally. Can't be stopped. Except by a some trees on a few holes. They've been known to cramp my style.

Status quo on all other fronts. Feeling great in the middle of this second week off from chemo. Chilling out with Katie, getting out and cruising around, and eating like a champ much to the docs' delight. Gotta get fat to battle the chemo apparently...I can dig it, I guess. Now I'm getting hungry, thinking 5 Guys for lunch. Yeah, that sounds good. Later everyone.


  1. 5 Guys, two patties, extra side of Fries. Pictures are encouraged and the blog readers are anxious for some color to the posts....cmon Nicky Mo, let's get some photos!!!!

  2. Good for you!! Just be sure you do what the doctors told you!! ( I know I sound like mom!) Sounds like Christopher wants to see some pictures of "Plump" you!! Just keep eating and fighting. Rangers and Bruins..should be exciting! Love you. Mrs. V

  3. I vote for a full hazmat suit so you can stay and enjoy the commencement festivities! Couldn't find one in BC maroon and gold but found one on sale for $104;

    You'll be stylin'!

    Congrats on graduation!!

    The Fo's

    1. Great idea! Spray with Lysol and mumpitty-mumps have no shot. Now the key is NOT to turn around and look surprised when they call out your name at the ceremony. It's been done before.