Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

Sorry for the delay in blogging; when the needle's away the Nicky Mo will play. Am I right?

We caught some really nice weather days here, so I had to take full advantage of them. Spent one down in the Bronx watching the pinstripes and another out on the links. Getting more and more used to swinging with this mediport, which is cool I guess. Then again, hopefully one day I'll have to get used to swinging without the mediport...riiiiight?

Which brings me back to my recent recollection of acquiring the aforementioned mediport on a gloomy November day (actually unsure if it was even gloomy, or what day it really was, or anything except that I woke up after surgery which is real good news). One second I'm hanging around getting ready for a little casual surgery action, the next I'm coming to and have a solid bump above my left pectoral muscle (or lack thereof but they tell me there's supposedly a muscle there) with needles stuck in and tubes running in and out of it. I was told that they'd possibly put in a temporary port (not even sure what that means) but it was pretty interesting waking up and looking like something straight out of Alien vs. Predator, (gotta be from Bigfoot's side of the family.......just kidding), with the tubes pumping whatever into my system. Great times. I'm sure you can all imagine how comforting it is to pass out going into surgery at the oasis that is Sloan Kettering and waking up with tubes running into you - like oh great what happened now? I lucked out and it was all good news - including news that it wasn't a temporary mediport but a normal one (I guess).

And yes, though we have had our bumps in the road, Meddie Port and I have been bestest of friends since. She holds a special place (directly) in my heart. Later world.


  1. Dude...completely lol from that bigfoot side of the family crack! You continue to amaze us!

    Be well!
    The Fo's

  2. How many times did you have Palace Malice in the triple with those other two triple crown winners? I had that real ancient mudder Calidiscopio in the Brooklyn and then turned away when he was about 20 lengths behind in the back stretch...out of the screen shot. Nice surprise at the end.
    Glad to hear you're living the good life...Yankees, golf, eating without puking. Keep up the fight!