Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014

Breaking radio silence here. He's back, baby. It's almost like Tijuana was waiting for its king to return, yanno? Alright it wasn't like that at all.

So I made moves down to get tatted up again for radiation at Sloany Ketts (team tatted, round 3) before slipping out of the country once more. Since I've gotten tattoos for all these little radiation treatments, each new tattoo set must be distinct from the previous - thus, each tattoo spot has 3 dots now. Nicky Mo, with his love of needles got poked up 15 times in 5 minutes. Guess who's never, ever getting a tattoo?

Full credit for getting here goes to Bigfoot's incredible skill for instantaneous tears, which got us from a cancelled flight onto a flight that had 2 seats left headed to Long Beach, CA. Bigfoot can't stop, won't stop. Straight up dominating the customer service game. A little drive later and we were back in San Diego with our border crossing to occur on Monday morning - not a day too soon. Pain started to mess with me on the way to the airport Sunday and progressed over the next couple of days. Luckily, treatment down here has halted the pain in its tracks and it seems to me that I'm feeling at least a little bit better day after day. I think a big key was being able to get chemo yesterday; feel like that has potentially helped big time - hope the counts stay up so we can do that again next week.

What else is new? Nothing really. Jumping on the Bolts Bandwagon while I'm down here because why not? Funny to see a city who couldn't come close to selling out a game and getting blacked out on TV transform into a support force wearing bolo ties and "Believe: Rivers Rising" shirts like they're going out of style (they might be going out of style...).

As always, we fight on. Until the next update, stay warm up there folks. Remember, if you're ever chilly, a few blankets and a hot water bottle disguised as a lamb always does the trick.


  1. I am on Chargers bandwagon too Nick but for different reasons Need them to win so Colts get a Home game for AFC Championship game on their way to Super Bowl (They will get Brady big time ) Mo Motts has them at 40-1 to win Big game. Get ready for Vegas Nick if that happens Keep fighting and never give up Nick just like them Colts

  2. Hope 2014 is the year of miracles!! Keep on keeping on Nick. As always in our prayers.

  3. Love that lamb!! Picture perfect!! Hang in there. Not anyone really knows how difficult it is
    but what we do know is that you are strong in many more ways than we could ever be. You are a fighter and an inspiration. Just keep believing!! Love you. Mrs. V

  4. Great pic Nick !!!! As we've told you before, you're an inspiration to more people than you realize !! Keep on moving forward & know we're thinking & praying for you. Love The Bugeya's