Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

So awkward signing in to Google in English. I'm all about google.mx nowadays.

He's back. Yes indeed after a decently arduous five week treatment, I'm back at the compound - and it feels so right. Please excuse my lack of blog post immediately after landing; if I could've I would've. Of course, I hit the ground running. Gotta get my Christmas shopping done, yanno?

Got my white blood cell booster shot last night. For whatever reason I've been getting really nice reactions from it - not super white blood cell numbers but fevers! Cranked out a 101.6 last night, just moving those fighter cells around like it's nobody's business. On Friday we'll find out how the platelets are looking, among other things. Although we won't find out exactly how they look that very day, scans are on Friday. Again, these are more of a baseline to see what we're dealing with - so not much ado about these results.

Another quick thing - as a result of this new treatment, I'm on a completely new diet. It's known as the Gerson diet, which has me nearly vegetarian, juicing, and consuming incredibly small amounts of sodium (salt) and sugar. The family is going to try to adhere to this diet, albeit a little more loosely, in order to make it a bit easier for me to assimilate. True solidarity. That being said, as much as we appreciate it always, PLEASE do not send any food to the house as it will just go to waste or force us to find others to pass it off to! The generosity shown by others throughout this entire experience has always been unreal and like I said we really do appreciate it!

If you wish to see me, good chance you'll see me around trying to find places I can potentially eat at...kinda like a mini-scavenger hunt of sorts if you're bored. Later everyone.


  1. Welcome home. As always, you & your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Dowds

  2. Thinking of you as always. So happy you are back home. Hope it's clear sailing from this point on. Stick to the diet. Everything is designed to help. I'll see mom on Monday. I have an inedible gift for all of you. May you be blessed with peace this Christmas and New Year.
    Love, Mrs. V

  3. Welcome back, tired of those Mexi's? Always in my prayers! Keep the faith!