Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

And the blog is about to get oh so spicy again.

It's official, heading to Mexico to try a little something something instead of just deteriorating here like the Sloan people recommend I do. (Harsh way to put it, but sometimes the truth is brutal.) By the way, see what I did there? Spicy? Can't stop, won't stop.

I'm beginning to have serious concerns about this new treatment, I will not lie. Of course, my concerns are 0% of the medical variety, 100% of the nonsensical variety. How strong will my wifi signal be? Will there be any good Chinese food? Should I grow out the mustache a bit more to fit in a little better? Should I just drink the water and get it over with, because, comparatively speaking, is Montezuma's Revenge really that bad? The answers so far are poor, of course not, of course yes (it's "no shave November" anyway, clown question bro), and probably not.

Bright side: Sunny and 80 on the 10 day outlook. You know it. Somebody's gonna be playing Kan Jam on the beach with his newwww friends! Wait, what treatment?

Look I know what you're all thinking. Of course you all want to be me! Sorry, though. No can do. Stud City, population Nicky Mo.

Updates from south of the border to commence Lunes. Get crackin' on that espanol people. (I said Monday.) Later everyone; wish me luck.


  1. Nick I know someone who went to Mexico for treatment and it definitely helped so hang in there. The prayers of so many will not go unanswered. Thinking of you and your mom and dad every day. Love, Mrs. v

  2. Nicky Mo, lo golpeó fuera del parque por allí .... pensando en usted y la familia .... mucha suerte nena

  3. I don't know a damn word in Mexican but I do like an occasional taco from Taco Bell. Is Taco a Mexican word? Listen up...the Spanish conquistodored their way through there hundreds of years ago so this should be a piece of cake for a Noo Yorkuh. Kick some butt and let's hope this sh-t works!!

  4. Buena suerte con el bigote!!!! (Good luck with the stash!)