Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013

Time to write a power blog. I'm feeling it. Power blog city, population Nicky Mo.

Gotta start it off with a power picture no? Um, of course. This picture right here is slightly over two weeks old...location: US-Mexico border. Let's use this picture as a springboard towards confirming and dispelling some thoughts and rumors.

First: did I request to have my picture taken while transferring ambulances? CONFIRMED. There are certain times where you just know like dang dude I gotta be looking good right now. Quick, someone get a snap of this. Boom.

Second: is that a genuine smile? CONFIRMED. Though let's be real, at this point it was nearly 80 in the sun, I was rocking a nice fever, and my blood pressure was most likely in the 70/40 or 80/50 realm. They say I was very much aware of my surroundings, and though I was (only answered mom's birth year wrong...yeah I made her older, no regrets. Handle it Bigfoot), I was still in pretty rough shape. But let me ask you this: if you were (supposedly) stable but not getting too much better, how would you feel about bouncing across the border to a nice, big university hospital in the United States? Thought so.

Third: a while ago a friend on Facebook posted the status "the closer to death you are, the more alive you feel." DISPELLED. Literally no chance. This could not be more wrong if anyone tried. Take it from a guy who has been there not once, but twice. And if you need a near death experience to either A) feel alive or B) change your ways, you're doing it wrong. Big time.

That was a nice little segment, no? Great. Now on to Thanksgiving. We did in fact celebrate a little Thanksgiving here, and it was excellent. A little bird action, mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, the works. First day in over a week and a half without a tamale...mixed feelings.

To all those who sent letters recently, you know who you are - here's a blog shout out. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to drop me a note. It was both unexpected and so much appreciated. The love and support goes a long way to getting us through the tough times and making strides toward the better times. We're getting there, together. Here's to a great holiday season.

Viva Mexico. Until later everyone.

***Update: I just wrote that blog post with a blood sugar of 46. If it makes no sense........sorry, still no regrets.


  1. Nick, you can still muster that beautiful smile!! So glad to hear that you enjoyed
    Thanksgiving without the tamale!!! Onward and upward my friend. You can do this!!
    Love, Mrs. V

  2. I'm thinking this Power Blog sparked the GMen victory....