Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013

So maybe I should've been a bit concerned about the medical aspect of things.

The first day went well, mainly because all I got was some vitamins and a little insulin guided therapy. The second day was a whole different story...whiting out, hallucinating, cranking out yet another 105 fever - the works. Spending a night in a Mexican hospital? Priceless! So severe sepsis or tumor lysis syndrome seems to be the case. Either way, the drugs were too much, too fast. Nothing like almost dying in Tijuana, just a great story.

Where does this leave me? Well currently in the ICU at UCSD Medical Center. Yeah I came back to the states because that was my go to move. Can't go for that, no can do. The treatment is so promising I have to give it another go, just don't know when. As much as I'd love to jump right back in, I know I've been brought a whole lot (my blood pressure has finally stabilized without meds), so I think I'll take some time off in (RAINY?) San Diego until Monday. Give it one more go next week, with a few tweaks, and hopefully we will be able to continue on this treatment. Get rid of this disease.

Until the next update world.


  1. you're a legend. thoughts and prayers are with you amigo

  2. You are one tough muchacho !!! Hope that's not a bad word but our Spanish expert left for school !!! As always we are thinking of you & always praying !!!! The Bugeya Family

  3. You are amazing and so inspirational. Hang in there and keep the faith! As usual, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya!
    The Engelharts

  4. Nicky Mo! I have a suggestion---hit up Coronado Cupcakery and eat your little heart out. Nothing like some sugary treats to put you in a good mood/ sleep coma hahahha

    In all seriousness, best of luck and I'll be saying extra prayers (as always)

  5. Sorry to hear of the immediate struggle but glad you are well enough to communicate it to all of us. Bounce back, baby. We are pulling for you!