Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

So nowadays it looks like we might have to start playing the "Where in the World is Nicky Mo" game...mwahaha.

Much to update the world on, some new activities to detail; let's dive right in.

First, it appears I've been given the tremendous honor of having my number 37 retired at Kennedy Catholic High School. Although I informally retired said number when I quite literally stole the jerseys from the backseat of Coach Fletcher's car, the official nature of this is far more comforting. Of course I feel tons of pride in this and am quite excited to see a good number of my former teammates at the retirement ceremony.

Next, I was unbelievably fortunate enough to play a round of golf at Shinnecock Hills last week. I can't even describe how awesome it was, but I'll try. Luckily (or unluckily to some), we caught a true Long Island day: windy and overcast. Once that ball gets up in the air...good luck. However, like I said, I feel luckily to have experienced it in such a fashion - feels like my own US Open of sorts. The club itself is simple, refined, and focused on golf. It's not a country club, isn't flashy, and is clearly steeped in history. One could definitely see why it's one of the toughest places to play in the world, why it's so impossible to gain membership, and why the members love their club - it's everything a golfophile could ever desire.

After a great weekend catching up with high school buddies and college friends, I played a quick round over at Pound Ridge Golf Club, where I think I may no longer be welcomed. When an employee asked me, "Tough course, huh?" I responded, "Nah." I then explained to him that I just played Shinnecock so comparatively speaking it wasn't nearly as difficult - hope I didn't offend him and his course because it was nice and I'd definitely go back.

Now where is Nicky Mo? Well he's in Kentucky, at historic Keeneland Race Course. About time, you say, the horse racing kid makes it to the horse capital of the world. Feels right. I'll toss up some pictures of all these travels in my next blog, hopefully with pockets overflowing of cash from my winnings here. Also, I might just be on TVG tomorrow during the second half of Keeneland's card (somewhere after 2:30-3 I'd guess, if it occurs). If you're around and bored, see if your TV provider carries the channel, flip it on, and say a prayer that I don't sound like an idiot on national TV.

I'm ready for my close-up. No really, my hair's like kinda thick and the best looking it's been since I lost it all, so I'm quite ready. Catch ya later everyone.

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