Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

So it looks like it went the way of silence from the blogger for the past week.

In essence, that's how you could tell I was busy having a great time I suppose? In case it's still up in the air for you - it was a great time, of course. Disney's that "happiest place on Earth" for a reason, and you pick up an appreciation for something new every time you go. Past times it's been the intricacy with which Disney is planned and operated, from the detail of Main Street U.S.A. to the hidden "cast member" (remember, it's all one big show) entrances and exits. This time it was how each cast member went about their particular role with enthusiasm in order to make every visitor's time memorable. You can easily see how this has a profound effect on the younger ones. Although we may not think of it as the time is there, because life is short and the window of maximal effect Disney can have on a child in my estimation is somewhere from 4-8, I believe it's one of the most incredible experiences a parent can offer a young child. Of course there are many roadblocks to making the trip, namely financial and time constraints, but with proper allocation and planning, this is a trip that is very much worth it.

Moving on to big boy things, emphasis on big (but the food was so good...). The normal schedule is 2 weeks of chemo, one week off, repeat. Thanks to this trip I took two weeks off - doctors promoted it, have stated it doesn't change the efficacy of the drugs, etc., so I said why not. Astoundingly clutch move. I'm almost thinking of recommending adopting this extra week off at the midway point of treatment into the regimen. There are of course 2 problems with that: 1) I'm not at the midway point, but I'm close (done with 5 cycles of 12) and 2) not everyone does 12 cycles. But maybe there are other patients like me, and maybe my recommendation can help them out a bit too. We'll see.

Now why is this extra week off so great? Well for one, and perhaps most obviously, it allows the body to recover and extra whole week. Bone marrow gets as much of a vacation as the brain, if you will. Another reason is the amount of energy I pick up as a result; last time I went in for counts I noticed an "L" missing (signifying "Low") - turns out it was next to the red blood cell count, which is now back in the normal range. (NORMAL ha! What a loaded word.) Throw on two more weeks since then, and I can only imagine what that level is at. Oh wait! I was able to walk around all of Disney World for seven days versus barely mustering the strength to get out of the living room chair. I think I know where it's at. Last, and perhaps most importantly, this extra week provides a bit of hope. It shows how I could be feeling post-chemo - and December's right around the corner folks, I know you've all started Christmas shopping for me already. No chemo + presents...gawgeous.

Until another time everybody.

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