Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Alright people. Peeeeeeople. That was the most miserable Super Bowl in the history of the game. No entertainment value, awful commercials, just terrrrrrible. You guys know I'm not a Negative Nancy, Pessimistic Patty, Debbie Downer, etc., but this was bad.

Was I pro-Seahawks? Easy to say yes now, but I actually was. If the Giants-Patriots Super Bowls taught us anything, it was that you gotta respect defense. Don't care how awesome a team's offense over an entire season is: when n=1, statistically speaking, anomalies can and will occur. This one game, with all its different factors, will most likely never fall into a statistical average. That's just how it goes, in my eyes at least.

That's enough about the NFL...and the strange season it was. Now we've got some puck to watch, and that includes the Olympics. Actually looking forward to the Olympics quite a bit - everyone knows I'm quite the patriot so I'll be "USA"-ing from the couch fiercely.

Guess we'll also update on the medical situation. Radiation should end tomorrow, which is swell. Almost off the steroids, which is necessary to get the immune system back into gear if we want to try pursuing immunological treatment options. I still lean that way, but the key is to find that chemo that will still cause tumor kill without just destroying my platelet and white blood cell count. We'll see if we can pull it off...still mulling the options. Until then, pain management is the goal.

Here's to good guidance from here and above on what the next step should a better tomorrow, world!


  1. Defense wins championships.

    Keep killin' it bro,

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